Return from the Dead

My week-long hibernation has finally come to a halt. Although, the word “hibernation” makes the flu sound more like I underwent a peaceful and cozy sojourn when it was really more like being dragged up from the dead!

My slow recovery seems to be setting the overall pace of my music schedule these days too. However, I have to admit that so far, I’ve been pretty fortunate in that respect. All of the musicians who agreed to contribute to this project have done so with efficiency, great heart and formidable talent to match. Right now I’m pretty excited as I wait for an old Refrain Side Project alumnus, Dumb Blonde, Dead. to record the lead guitar for four of the songs on my album. I’m usually the first to complain about technology but in this situation I’m actually quite revered by it – Thanks to the internet Dumb Blonde, Dead. and I are able to collaborate regardless of the fact that I’m in Montreal and he’s in Mississippi! Ah the magic of the world wide web!

Tomorrow, I’m set to record my guitar tracks – hopefully I’ll be able to get it done without any disturbance from my noisy neighbours! So far Sundays have proven to be my best bet to get my recordings done because the people with their roadrunner kid downstairs are usually out for the morning. This should afford me just enough time to get my recordings down. Tricky business recording at home! Can’t wait to leave this apartment and move into my house when noise will no longer be a hindrance.

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