Forced Vacation, Down w/ the Flu

This weekend the plan was to record my guitar tracks. Everything was set up in the office, which doubles as the recording studio for now, ready to go. Thursday however was all eaten up by house hunting – yes there is finally light on the horizon and we will be escaping this hell hole we’ve called home for 10 years. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a decent apartment, the rent is good and there’s hot water and heating included but you get to a point in life, like me at the age of 31, where you just want a place all your own.

Something my lovely husband said to me when I was whining about getting out of here struck me as the sweetest thing – He said home is wherever we are together. He’s absolutely right.

Today I’m recovering from the flu. I spent the entire day in bed yesterday sleeping. This morning I woke up feeling a little bored so I checked my email of course – I am so obsessed with mail! By the way all you people on facebook please write! I will respond, promise!

Although I didn’t get to record my guitar tracks this weekend I did buy a house. Ha! Not too shabby.

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