After coming home tired and spent I realized how easily my confidence can be shaken just from one person’s opinion. I’d like to think that after years of working on building myself back up from my broken youth that I would not be so vulnerable to bend at the slightest remark. Granted this stuff of progress is just that – A constant struggle towards your end goal that doesn’t follow in a neat linear direction.

In the case of making music, I would always be the first to question my abilities thinking “Oh, what I’m doing is too simple” or “I’m not a musician”. In reality, sure what I’m doing on the guitar is simple but it’s still music. Most of my favourite songs that I listen to over and over again are based around simplicity. Those are the most memorable. Perhaps, that’s what I have to remember, and not get caught up with the fact that I’m not creating crazy musical arrangements but rather a simple pop song.

Sometimes the most difficult thing in music or any art for that matter is accepting what you do to be that very thing that sets you apart and defines your own style.

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