Recording – Different Strokes for Different Folk

So far December has been pretty hectic but I guess that goes without saying given that the holidays play a big part in that. However, this year, aside from the usual Christmas preparations I was busy getting the guide tracks down for all the songs on the album and having the musicians come in to record.

Once the scheduling was out of the way and it came time to the actual recording work I realized how no matter how much you prepare there’s no preparing for how musicians will perform in the end. Each individual is different with their own style of working and their set of limits or strengths. The challenging part is to know how to customize each session so that you get the best take out of each musician and do your best to keep them comfortable and happy while they’re at it!

In my case especially, I found this to be an important factor to note since the musicians I was working with were volunteering their time so the same incentive may not be there as there is for paid musicians.

Next up is the violinist and I’m very excited about working with her. This will be my first time including violin on my arrangements and I think it will be a great addition.

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