Post Show w/Rae Spoon

For a Sunday night and with the Grey Cup to compete with, we had a surprisingly good show. The place was packed and with no seating room left to spare, people made full use of whatever standing room could be found.

The crowd was very receptive and oddly quiet and attentive but not that I’m complaining! Rae Spoon’s charming and quirky candor was a pleasure to watch on stage and had the audience cheering for two encores by the end of the night.

Being that it was my last show in a while, I decided it was high time to just finally let go and be myself. I know it sounds ridiculously cliché but it’s an issue that I’ve been struggling with for as long as I have been a performer. I always thought that it would be safer to censor myself rather than just say and do what came naturally for fear of offending or being perceived the wrong way.

I have to admit it felt really good. People are free to think what they please but at least this way I have first say on what that definition is going to be by staying true to myself.

Just the other day I heard a great quote recited by Nigella Lawson while in an interview on CBC’s Q with Jihan Gomeshi that speaks volumes on the subject of self perception and how we sometimes allow others to define us:

“What other people think of you is really none of your business”

I suddenly feel the weight start to lift off my shoulders.

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