As with most anything you can always rely on one thing and that is that you always have to be prepared for change. Many bands go through countless rearrangements and reconfigurations usually in the form of gaining or losing a band member.

Earlier this week I received the news from my good friend Kam who sang harmonies with me in the band that she was dropping out. I can’t say it came as much as a surprise since she has a lot going on in her life and even though I enjoyed her time with us I knew it was limited.

That said the band is still moving on strong. We’re working hard on some new songs and will be adding a new instrument to the mix, keys/synth. Andy, our lead guitarist will be taking on double duty and I think we’re all very excited about the new progression of our sound.

Sometimes changes make you realize your full potential. With the band we’re making the most of what we’ve got and getting more creative with our resources.


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