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Eating My Words

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Upon reading my last entry I see how easily I fall into putting the music aside once again. It seems like the only consistent aspect of my relationship with music these days is inconsistency. Better that than nothing I suppose.

Lately though it seems as if the universe (yeah, I admit J.J. Abrams’ Fringe is getting into my lexicon) is pulling me towards that guitar and perhaps putting pen to paper once again. I know something’s up when all in one train ride I go from ecstatic, fantastic bopping my head to Kimbra and then sink down to teary-eyed melancholia frowning to the regret-filled lyrics of Nada Surf.

I’m such a sensitive one.

I wish I was just joking when I say that but it’s too true. Also, I despise the fact that I let other people’s opinions of my music define my stance. Lately though, luckily for me, thanks to the encouraging words of a few gracious and kind people, I’ve been pushed once again into (perhaps delusion?!) that I should at the very least continue my pursuit with music.

Agh! I’m over thinking this as usual – “pursuit with music” – Please, way too serious! If you want to do something forget everything else (including yourself) and just do it. Yeesh, I really didn’t mean to end with the slogan from Nike.